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The field of energy generation

Energy generation 
Energy generation system components in the solar panels need to follow the position of the sun moving up and down, left and right rotation to ensure a higher power output. Bearings for the components of BRS companies designed to ensure the worm wheel bearing dust, continuous over a long period of operation.

Wind power 
Wind power generation systems face harsh environment, dust, corrosion, temperature changes, difficult to maintain, requiring life of 20 years. Bearings can be divided into wind power generation system: yaw bearing (wheel bearing), variable pulp from the bearings (wheel bearings), generator bearings (cylindrical roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings), gear box bearings (cylindrical roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings), spindle bearings (spherical roller bearings) and so on. BRS supplies wheel bearings of the system by optimizing the structure design and the small clearance, the use of quality materials 42CrMo, overall conditioning, surface hardening, to ensure that low temperature impact performance and long life. Also through the use of dust ring, zinc plated, painted, ensuring dust-resistant, thus ensuring the life of 20 years.

Thermal power
BRS company for thermal power industry to provide quality products, including deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, thrust roller bearings. We will mill, conveyor, crusher and other equipment, dust, high temperature, poor lubrication environment, innovative quality and technology, in order to extend bearing life, thereby enhancing the production capacity

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