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Cylindrical roller bearing's rolling elements are cylindrical rollers, they are in line contact with the raceway, and mainly bear radial loads. Due to low coefficient between rollers and inner & outer rings, cylindrical roller bearing can operate at high speed.

Cylindrical roller bearings are considered sperate bearings because of its configuration. According to different shoulder types, single-row cylindrical roller bearing models include NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF and double-row cylindrical roller bearing models indclude NNU, NN. Inner or outer ring without shoulder can move relatively as free end of the bearing. This bearing mainly use steel stamping cage or copper alloy machined cage, polyamide forming cage is also available to meet some special requirements.

Cylindrical Roller Bearing Features:

1. Rollers are in line-contact with raceway, high radial loading capacity, and can sustain heavy loads and impact loads.

2. Low friction coefficient, can operate at high speed and its limit speed is close to deep groove ball bearing.

3. Model N and NU can realize axial movement, they can adapt the displacement between draft and housing caused by thermal expansion or installation deviation.

4. High processing standards on shaft and housing holes, strict control on outer ring axis' relative displacement, in order to avoid contact stress concentration. 

5. Detachable inner or outer ring for easy installation and removal. 


Medium-sized motors, rolling stock, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, gear boxes, rolling mill, vibrating screen, and lifting and transportation machinery.



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