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        Thrust bearings are used specifically to withstand axial forces bearings, shaft is parallel to the direction of the force of the bearings. Thrust bearing, also known as thrust bearings.
        The general thrust bearing thrust washers by two or more thrust washers and a number of rolling body composition, the general thrust axis is divided into pieces and seat pads film, ball is usually the most common type of iron or copper Cage combined into a whole.
        Thrust ball bearing is a separation of bearings, shaft washer, housing washer can be cage, ball component separation. Compatible with the shaft axis of the ring ring, seat ring is compatible with the ring bearing hole, and the gap between the shaft; thrust ball bearings can only bear axial load, one-way thrust ball bearings can only bear axial load in one direction, two-way thrust ball bearings can withstand axial load in both directions; thrust ball bearings can not limit the radial displacement of the shaft, low speed limit, one-way thrust ball bearings can restrict a shaft and housing direction of the axial displacement, two-way bearing to limit axial displacement in both directions.
        Thrust roller bearings for main shaft axial load, radial joint load, but the radial load shall not exceed 55% of axial load. Other than thrust roller bearings, such bearings lower friction coefficient, high speed and with self-aligning properties. 29000 non-stick type bearings spherical roller symmetrical type, can reduce the roller and the raceway in the work of the sliding and roller length, diameter, and the number of multi-roller, high load capacity, usually by oil lubrication, individual case can be greased slow. In the design selection should be preferred; 80000 Thrust cylindrical roller bearings, 90000 Thrust tapered roller bearings and thrust needle roller bearings AXK type, can withstand a one-way axial load, than the axial thrust ball bearings much larger load capacity and rigidity, the axial space occupied by the small. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust needle roller bearings for low speed situations, thrust tapered roller bearings speed slightly higher than the thrust cylindrical roller bearings. 

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