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Turntable bearing is a way to withstand the large axial load, radial load and overturning moment, comprehensive load, set support, rotation, transmission, fixed and other functions in a special structure of large bearings. Under normal circumstances, wheel bearings are with their own mounting holes, lubricants and seals, to meet a variety of work under different conditions the different needs of various types of host; other hand, the wheel bearing itself has a compact, rotating guide convenience, ease of installation and maintenance easy and other characteristics, are widely used in material handling equipment, mining machines, construction machinery, port machinery, wind power generation, medical equipment, radar and missile launchers and other large rotating device.
BRS wheel bearings according to the different structural types can be divided into the following types of structure types:
1, four point contact ball slewing bearing
2, double four-point contact ball slewing bearing
3, cross-cylindrical roller wheel bearings
4, three-row cylindrical roller combined slewing bearing
Size range:
BRS company can produce the maximum diameter of 7500mm minimum 100 mm diameter wheel bearings of various structures. If the customer dimensions, tolerances, clearance there are other special requirements, BRS Company may, under conditions and user requirements to use to provide the appropriate product.

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